PRODUCT - Stringing Machine

STRINGING MACHINE - JES-6200 stringing machine

STRINGING MACHINE - JES-6200 stringing machine
  • product model:JES-6200
  • Country of origin:Taiwan

Product Code JES-6200

product manual:

● LCD screen control panel

Computer control cable

Can choose a different cable speed -3 section selection (fast, medium speed, slow)

Can be set to eliminate the ball tension of the cable function (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%) for different ball line to avoid loss of pounds due to ball tension problems.

● Accurate pounds set from 10-90LB (4.5-40.8KG) precision of 0.1LB / KG.

● convenient pound count settings, via fast +/- key input, you can set different pounds in 8 memory.

● kg and pounds can be switched at any time.

● sensitive touch start switch.

● racket can be rotated 360 degrees, with a patented brake.

● membership by a simple fine-tuning telescopic boom racket system, to achieve the safest six-point fixed. Prevent the deformation of the racket, racking 135 SQ IN from the largest racket face to the smallest racket face.