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[Products] MIT badminton brand seizes the local and international market by its good quality / TVBS news

Photo / TVBS

People who play badminton in Taiwan is about 2 to 3 millions. In the population of 23 million people, the proportion is not low. However, the market  is mainly cover by Japanese brand (YONEX) and Taiwanese brand (VICTOR) that they have occupied over 70% to 80% of the market, and the others are divided by some small local or foreign brands. A young badminton player who began to make his own racket and the brand of Made In Taiwan eight years ago, did not find it easy to start his own business. He had slept in a warehouse and only eaten bread for each meal. All he want is to try his best to keep good products in Taiwan. 

Do not underestimate by their looks, when they swings their rackets, their strength is very powerful. Taipei Municipal Shuanglian Elementary School’s badminton team practices six days a week, and each time up to 3 to 5 hours.

The badminton team selects their members in school club. They are about in the second place in Taipei City. Also the world famous player, CHOU Tien Chen and WANG Tzu Wei, are all from Shuanglian Elementary School.

Lin Yang Cheng from Shuanglian Elementary School’s badminton team said“ my idol is CHOU Tien Chen and I hope to be like him.”

Because of their splendid records, they also attract badminton brands to sponsor them. According to the results of competitions, Taiwanese badminton brands have sponsored from elementary schools to universities, totally up to 59.

The parents’ president of Shuanglian Elementary School, Lin Shi Jie expressed “considering all the schools they have sponsored in Taipei, our school, Shuanglian Elementary School, has the best record. Because Da Tong District is classed a poor area in the Taipei City, they have reduced the stress of parents and it makes more children to play badminton.“

People who play badminton in Taiwan is up to 2 millions. But while choosing the rackets and the other equipments, the brand awareness comes to first. And, the well-known brands always sponsor the famous players.

The CEO of JNICE, Lee Chien Min, said“ Many brands only focus on international stars. However, they neglecte people who really need our help. Enterprises needs to know that what is taken from people is used in the interests of people."

The CEO of this Taiwanese brand, Lee Chien Min, is 32 years old and he was a badminton player during junior and senior high school. Stopping his player career by injury, he started his business in 2009 using his first million NT dollars that he had earned by coaching.

Lee Chien Min said“ I studied in department of sports management in university. And we needed to have internship. At that time, I chose the badminton racket factory, after the internship, I found that we have many good products in Taiwan, but there is no place selling them; they are all sold to the large manufacturers in Europe and America. Later, I thought that I want to keep good things in Taiwan."

“Although I have supports from the factories, starting my own business is not easy. Designing products needs to depend on myself. From doing rackets to shuttles, we have developed the other products. As the sales of racket and shuttles increase, we have progressed 30% of our revenue in three years and finally attended the balance of profit and loss since the brand started."

“When I just began my business, I sometimes slept in the company or in the warehouse. At that time, I told myself that I could only spend 100 dollars a day. And I only bought three bread for three meals because I really wasn’t sure whether the money will be enough or not.”

Playing badminton, coaching, and promoting the brand at the same time, Lee Chien Min spoke frankly that he is still fighting for his business. But facing his dream, he still wants to do his best with his partners.

Taiwanese badminton leading brand, Victor, is cover about 20 to 30 percent of the global market. From the daily practicing shuttles to the competition level shuttles, with10 years of hardworking, our brand wants to stand on the global stage.